Hi, my name is Rhys
I'm a Developer.

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I'm a self taught JavaScript developer with trade certificates in both Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance Engineering. I've always found coding intuitive and I've pushed myself to learn the most effective ways to achieve a result.

I also enjoy surfing, lifting weights and combat sports.

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Smart Brain

This was the final project in my web developer bootcamp. A full stack web app that recognises faces in image URL's. The stack was React.js, Node.js, Express.js and PostgreSQL.

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Cheat Sheet

This was the result of the Devs hackathon 2021. We created a VS Code extension that allows you to take notes inside the code editor. The problem we were trying to solve was having to rely on external notes software or pen and paper. Cheat Sheet is a React web app that runs inside VS Code, using the webview api. I was responsible for the front end code and ui/ux design.

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Dice Game

This was my first JavaScript program. It's built with simple HTML, CSS and of course JavaScript. Refresh the page to start a new game and go head to head with a friend!

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Future Loop

After getting to chat with the team at Future Loop, I was asked to provide feedback. So I created this UI for the app. It's a news application that uses AI to find relevant articles to your interests on the web.

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Slobba was a startup idea I had for a platform that helps dog owners see the activity level of nearby dog parks before they leave the house. This makes sure your dog always gets a social experience on your outing!

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Remember That

Remember that is a landing page design for a fake startup so that I could practice my use of animations inside Adobe XD.

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